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DRAEGER implements, professionally and reliably, discreetly and sustainably.

What does DRAEGER offer you?

New technology and modern products alone do not guarantee new sales. They must be sold professionally.

We will show you how this works!

  • How can you increase sales and profits faster and, above all, sustainably?
  • How do you automate your sales process?
  • How do you find first lighthouse customers for your product / services? And how do you ensure your long-term success?

Selling is in my blood. To satisfy customers is my passion. Therefore I am always ready to give and perform even more than one would normally expect. This is an important secret of my success.

It is even more important to be able to put yourself in the customer’s shoes.

  • What is on his mind?
  • What is his motivation?
  • What is his need?

This is the starting point for all my considerations when I develop a sales strategy.

I know from experience that many companies place too much emphasis on their product and service offerings. But do they also reach their potential customers? This is where my external expertise is helpful. I not only analyze, but also support you in the concrete implementation. In this way I am prepared to take responsibility.

Revenue is the applause of the customers“ (Götz W. Werner, founder of dm drogerie markt)

Stefan Draeger
Owner, Draeger Management Consulting

Elegant solutions in the following areas:

Sales responsibility

Sales responsibility

Thanks to an outstanding network of relationships, proven sales successes and considerable know-how in fundamental processes in the most important industries, we assume sales responsibility for your success.

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  • Review of the maturity level of your sales organization (if required).
    Development of the sales strategy and implementation of concrete measures to increase sales and profit sustainably.
  • Support in the rapid establishment of contacts and sales lead generation. The result is the shortening of your selling cycle & time-to-market.
  • Development of a Bid Management Competence Center (if desired).
Lead Generation

Lead Generation Engine

The challenges of our time demand new, digital solutions. Optimize your sales costs thanks to automated new customer acquisition. Use the appropriate sales channel for every purpose and convert leads into concrete contracts!

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  • Identification of suitable contact persons and decision makers (if not already available in our CRM database.)
  • Development of the sales message and definition of the channels for the initial contact.
  • Implementation of the campaign(s).
  • Evaluation of the lead quality based on our network. Is the follow-up worthwhile? Use case and budget available?
  • Support from the initial contact to the conclusion of the contract.
Business Transformation

Business Transformation

Digitization projects are unique and pose a great challenge for every company due to their individuality.

You have a vision for your company or the “sparkling” business idea – but do you also have the necessary structure and know-how to turn this vision into reality?

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DRAEGER helps you to build up your business and operating model in such a way that the strategic vision also becomes a tactical success.

With a range of services in different areas from business case review, business model design, outsourcing and cost transformation we help you to achieve your goals.

  • What factors make your business case truly successful? What is available, what information is missing?
  • “Close the gap”: Procurement and evaluation of the missing information.
  • Evaluation and implementation of the appropriate business model.
  • Creation of the strategic and organizational foundations for successful business development and continuous growth.

Find out now what we can do for you. Please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Our work



DREAEGER implements, professionally and reliably, discreetly and sustainably.

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This is the principle of all our actions:

We are only active if our cooperation really makes the decisive difference and offers you real, measurable added value.



DREAEGER is the driving force to improve your business objectives.

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Based on our understanding of quality – partnership, professionalism, operational excellence – we combine our success with yours.

High standards regarding values such as professional consulting, a selected internal and external network, highly loyal customer service and fairness across the board are the basis for your long-term satisfaction.



DREAEGER uses the chances on the market with outstanding performances.

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The goal is to provide rapidly implementable solutions to speed up your projects and realize them safely.



Honesty, fairness and trust. The basis for cooperation.

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Our approach is transparent, authentic and solution-oriented.

We convey these values through trustworthy communication, respect for people and the environment and goal-oriented strategies.

Find out now what we can do for you. Please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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